The Mandalay Spirit was established in 1886. It is full of culture and history capturing the heart of a tradition that has developed through the ages. Starting in the heart of Mandalay, the Mandalay Spirit has deep historical roots that are connected to the traditions and customs of the region. From the beginning the Mandalay Rum CEO has worked hard for improving the quality of the rum and its taste. Mandalay Rum, a product of Victory Myanmar Group stands out from other distilleries globally. Instead of using oak wood to age the rum, Mandalay Rum is ripened in yamanay wood. This wood gives a unique smell and flavor to the Rum. Mandalay Rum, established during the colonial era, was created through collaboration between the people of Mandalay and the expert rum blenders from Caribbean brought in by the British. Their effort conceived a unique rum that marries international craftsmanship with a distinct Myanmar flair. The Mandalay Rum Owner has also made efforts by preserving the original taste and using no artificial colors and flavors in the Rum. Due to his efforts, Mandalay Rum has become popular not only locally but also internationally and is one of the top selling Rums brands. The logo of the Mandalay Rum is the perfect representation as it symbolizes the long legacy, the majestic look and the cultural values of the ancient forts that surround the historic Mandalay Palace. Each bottle of Mandalay Rum contains not just a remarkable spirit but also a tangible piece of Myanmar’s captivating history and heritage, making it a truly special and cherished treasure.